Even better than you remember...

If you’re looking for something different; for entertainment which is not only fun, but also an unusual combination of inclusive, challenging and engaging – we might just have the answer!

Joypad Arcade offers you the opportunity to create your own, fully customised, retro-gaming set-up – almost anywhere, for pretty much any reason! You might be looking to liven up a major commercial event, or just re-live some old favourites with a few friends; either way, we have options to suit all types of event.

Choose from our collection of lovingly restored, original equipment and a library of over 1000 games. All presented with top-level CRTs or Projections, specially designed JoyPods, plus many other adaptable options and neat ideas!!! 

Our crew deliver, set up and will be on hand to make sure everything is absolutely hassle-free. Whether you want to hire us just for an evening, for a weekend, or even for a longer-term installation.

We have everything you need right here and ready to go... Scroll down the page for more details or get in touch to work out your ideal set up and leave the rest to us!

"It's dangerous to go alone! Take this"

All our consoles are housed in their own, individual, custom-made Pods - first you need to decide which style is right for you.


JoyPods are all about choice... our signature Pods are perfect for almost any type of event as they come with the widest choice of options, games and additions.

Each JoyPod holds 2 consoles of your choice, in many combinations (whether you want a dozen Megadrives, or one of every kind) and is connected to a matching pair of 21" Bang & Olufsen CRTs, or projectors.

JoyPods always come fully staffed and give you access to our full selection of games and peripherals throughout your event, for any of your chosen consoles.

JoyPods are also hooked up with a modifiable LED lighting system, so you can choose your colour scheme, and we can also incorporate messages or branding into our stands and displays.

You can hire from 2-6 JoyPods (4-12 consoles) as standard, but we can also supply more on request.
Capacity: 2 consoles per JoyPod, minimum 2 JoyPods

Screens: 21” Bang & Olufsen CRTs or Projectors
Staffed: Yes, our crew change games and look after guests
Game changing: Yes, choose any game from our library
Peripherals: We swap controllers to suit any chosen game such as light guns, multi-taps, dance-mats
Brandable: Yes, customisable coloured lighting / signage options
Footprint: (Per JoyPod) W 5ft / 1.52M x D 2ft 7inches / 0.80M Approx


MultiPods make your options simple... pre-loaded with just one game per console they're streamline, straightforward and better suited to longer-term hires and stand-alone situations.

These neat, self-contained Pods house 6 consoles and their controllers, plus 6 corresponding Sony Trinitron CRTs.

Select any 6 games to pre-load onto the consoles and you're ready to play. You can still choose any games you like from our 1000+ library, but unlike our JoyPods, your games are fixed once they are installed.

This makes things extra simple: the games don't need changing, they don't need staff to be on-hand and the compact design means you can pack more consoles into a small amount of space.

MultiPods also contain an individually adjustable lighting system, so you can illuminate them in a variety of colours.

Usually we supply 1 MultiPod, but we can also provide more on request.
Capacity: 6 consoles
Screens: 14” Sony Trinitron CRTs
Staffed: No
Game changing: No, pre-loaded with 1 game per console from our library
Peripherals: 2-4 controllers per console to suit pre loaded game
Brandable: Yes, customisable coloured lighting
Footprint: W 9ft / 2.75M x D 1ft / 0.30M Approx
Still not sure which Pod is right for your event? Watch our video explanation.
  • Atari 2600

    1977 - 1989

  • NES

    1985 - 1995

  • Master System

    1986 - 1992

  • Mega Drive / Mega CD

    1989 - 1998

  • SNES

    1991 - 1999

  • Saturn

    1995 - 1999

  • Playstation

    1995 - 2006

  • N64

    1996 - 2003

  • Dreamcast

    1999 - 2001

  • Playstation 2

    2000 - 2013

  • Xbox

    2001 - 2008

  • Gamecube

    2001 - 2007

Choose your weapon 

So you've decided what type of Pod you want, now it's time to select which classic consoles to load them up with!!! Choose any combination from 5 generations, spanning 5 decades of gaming history.

Each and every one of our consoles and controllers have been carefully selected, meticulously cleaned and thoroughly serviced, so that they look and work just as well (if not better than) you remember them.

Not exactly sure which consoles will suit your event or audience best? Remember a game, but not sure what you played it on? Just ask, we're more than happy to advise on which consoles will work best for you.

Select from: Atari 2600 - NES - Sega Master System - Megadrive/MegaCD - SNES - Sega Saturn - Playstation - N64 - Sega Dreamcast - Playstation 2 - Xbox - Nintendo Gamecube

Watch this!

Each JoyPod is paired with 2 matching 21" Bang & Olufsen CRTs (14" also available) and our MultiPods with 6 matching 14" Sony Trinitrons.

We've intentionally paired our consoles with TVs from around the same era. This is because the games perform best on the technology they were designed to work with - modern screens can distort or interfere with the image, and some accessories (like light guns) won't work with them at all.

All our screens are in great condition, produce excellent sound and come in matching sets, so they look the part. Plus they really give you the true, original feel of playing the games the way they were meant to be played.

However, if you want to battle it out on the big screen we can arrange that too. We have a selection of projectors; SD which work best for our retro games, or HD for our twitter wall, live visuals, specialist games and so on. All you need is a big enough blank wall!!
  • Bang & Olufsen

    21" - MX4002

  • Bang & Olufsen

    14" - MX1500

  • Sony Trinitron

    14" - KV-14T1U

  • Projections

    HD / SD

What do you want to play?

We know everyone has their favourites... Rather break out the special moves in Street Fighter II over Streets of Rage? Prefer to hit the track with Mario Kart or Micro Machines? Sooner settle old scores with Goldeneye or Super Smash Bros.? Whatever your tastes, with over 1000 games to play, we should have you covered.

Not only do we have all the old classics, but also some really rare, obscure and collectible titles... some of which you might never have even heard of, let alone had the chance to play before!!!

Each one of our games has been individually checked and tested so that we know they are not only 100% original, but in tip-top condition... all 1000+ of them! (Now that's dedication for you!!!) You won't see any reproductions, emulations or pirated discs.

We also carry all the original 1st party peripherals you need to play some of the more off-beat games in our collection. You can shake your maracas with Samba De Amigo, tap the Dreamcast keyboards for Typing of the Dead, scribble away with the Nintendo Mouse on Mario Paint, or zap your targets with a host of different light guns for everything from Duck Hunt to Time Crisis, and many more!

With our JoyPods, you have access to our entire library throughout your event, plus our staff will be on hand to keep things running smoothly, swap over and setup games and controllers on request... even remind you which buttons do what or suggest new games you might enjoy! With our MultiPods, you simply pre-select one game for each of your chosen consoles from our games collection and get playing.

We're always adding new titles to our library, so if you're looking for inspiration, check out our Games Bible for an up-to-date list. You name it, we've got it... and even if we don't, all you have to do is ask and we'll try to find it for you!

Power ups (Extra items)

  • Indie games
  • Modern Consoles - Wii / PS3 / Xbox 360 / Wii U / PS4 / Xbox One / Nintendo Switch
  • PA and live music
  • Pop up gaming cinema
  • Custom installations
  • Twitter Wall
  • Video Game Democracy voting system
  • Festival tents
  • Expo's and after parties
Looking for something a little bit extra? Got an idea for something you haven't seen? Get in touch.


So there you have it, the UK's best retro gaming private hire service! Available for private parties, birthdays, weddings, office parties, team building days, workplace rewards, festivals, expos, corporate events, product launches, and much much more...

For prices, to check availability, or for any other questions you can email us at management@joypadbar.co.uk 

You can also download our brochure by clicking on the icon.
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